#52Ancestors VI: Mapping in March

Just a short post this week as things are busy!

The theme for week six of #52Ancestors is ‘maps’. I have two reasons to connect to this theme this March.

Firstly, I have two talks available at RootsTech this year, going live on 3 March 2022. You can find them as follows:

Business histories: putting our ancestors into their commercial communities

The American Library, Norfolk

I mention these chiefly because the first one features a case study from nearby Framlingham, and some of the characters noted within would have been known to many of the inhabitants of both Cransford and Badingham. It also has some mapping that I created myself, so it fits nicely into the theme!

The second talk is noted just for completeness, really.

To watch either you’ll need to register, but registration is free, and talks are available for a year afterwards (except for a few live sessions over the coming three days).

Secondly (where it comes to the mapping theme), I’m pleased to say that I have ‘broken ground’ on a new One-Place Study website where I can extend the amount of information available as time goes on. I am loosely pinning this as mapping, given that it will come with a new site map! Further details as and when available.

Until next time.

[Image: Photo by GeoJango Maps on Unsplash]

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