My name is Elizabeth Walne and I am a local history researcher and genealogist. You can find out more about me on my personal website.

I have lived in and/or had links in Badingham since I was two years old, so when I came to start a One-Place Study, it was an obvious choice. My study will be mainly concerned with the Badingham of at least one hundred years ago.

When I began writing extensively about Cransford it became a natural companion study, and this site now covers my wanderings through the records of both parishes.

“A one-place study (OPS) considers people and families in their physical and social context in any location across the globe.”

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This website is very much a work in progress and currently uses a free template, please check back often or follow my blog to keep up to date. I also post genealogical updates and thoughts on my personal website, and am the contact for the ‘Walne’ One-Name Study.

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