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In-Depth report: Geography

Lying in the Alde Valley, Badingham is a large parish for Suffolk, located in the east of the county. It is surrounded by (clockwise from north) the parishes of Laxfield, Ubbeston, Heveningham, Peasenhall, Bruisyard, Cransford, Parham, Framlingham and Dennington.

Badingham is about 12 miles from the coast and only three from the centre of Framlingham. Thanks to its fertile soils, most of land is used as pasture or arable farmland, as was the case when the tithe map was created. Small pockets of woodland are still found in the parish although at one time much more of the land would have been forested. The landscape is one of the rolling fields so typical of this part of Suffolk.

On the tithe map, and more so today, the majority of houses were and are found along Mill Road and Low Street (the latter of which follows the course of the River Alde in part), with outlying farms and cottages scattered beyond.

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